Happy National Scrapbooking Day!! I LOVE YOU!
Happy National Scrapbooking Day!! I LOVE YOU!
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Project Mouse (See Ya Real Soon): Elements

Project Mouse (See Ya Real Soon): Elements

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What happens when you combine the ease of "Pocket Style" scrapbooking with a passion for "The Happiest Place on Earth"? You get Project Mouse - a collaboration between Sahlin Studio & Britt-ish Designs!

For this installment we bring you the "Project Mouse (See Ya Real Soon): Elements". Don’t worry!!  This is NOT the end of Project Mouse. This is a collection we created to document that sad moment when it's time to say goodbye (for now) to the magic.  All good things eventually come to an end, but now we can all document the endings with some twinkle and flair!

All Project Mouse products are awesome for card making, pocket scrapping and hybrid creations too! 

This pack includes:
  • 107 unique elements as individual transparent PNGs as well as easy-to-print 8.5x11 PDF print sheets.

Elements Include:   * 2 arrows * 1 'headed home' arrow * 2 circle bits in 'I'm Not Leaving', and 'Wave Goodbye" * 1 confetti scatter * 2 dictionary definitions of 'conclusion' and 'farewell' * 1 castle enamel pin * 1 rolling suitcase enamel pin * 1 airplane enamel pin * 2 enamel brads * 5 flowers * 2 hanging polaroid frames * 2 hanging polaroid frames with sayings; 'see ya real soon!', and '... and they lived happily ever after.' * 5 labels * 2 blank tags * 2 tags with phrases, 'see ya real soon', and 'thank you for the memories'  * 2 blank journalers * 1 paint splatter * 1 sequin scatter * 3 word bubbles in 'Nooo!', 'What a Trip!', and 'See Ya Later' * 2 passport-style stamps in 'thank you for the memories', and 'see ya real soon' * 1 staple * 1 bakers twine string * 1 bakers twine bow * 1 bakers twine strand * 1 castle stamp phrase in 'the end' * 1 'time to go' flight tag * 2 toothpick flags * 3 washi tape pieces * 1 'See Ya Real Soon' luggage stamp * 2 buttons * 2 circle chipboard wordarts in 'hello', and 'goodbye' * 1 circle bit * 2 enamel dots * 1 smiley face emoji (in flair & sticker versions) * 1 frowny face emoji (in flair and sticker versions) * 3 frames * 2 Mickey gloves (in enamel pin and sticker versions) * 1 journal card * 1 number strip * 1 pie chart * 2 date labels * 1 'See Ya Real Soon' enamel pin *  3 gold wire script word art/phrases in: 'Hello', 'Memories', and 'Goodbye' * 1 'The End' circle bit * 1 'The End' flair * 3 stars * 1 star cluster * 1 'Today Means' checklist * 1 "magical' paper seal * 1 'love this' banner * 8 wordarts in: 'farewell', 'so long!', 'the end.', 'magical', 'remember the magic', 'sad to leave', 'see you real soon', and 'such a fun trip!' *  10 word art snippets in: 'first day', 'last day', 'time to say goodbye', 'favorite', 'good-bye', 'Now it's time to say good-bye.', 'thanks for the memories', 'truly magical',& '...until next time' *

For the best value, pick up this pack in our "Project Mouse (See Ya Real Soon): Bundle"!!

 CLICK HERE to learn more about the magic that is PROJECT MOUSE!!

(This is a digital product available for download.  You will receive no physical product. All products are created at 300 dpi for highest print quality.)

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